Using Social Media to Improve Your Office Space Marketing

Using Social Media to Improve Your Office Space Marketing

We all need to be reminded every so often that we need to use social media. I realize how boring it is, like talking to a brick wall. No instant gratification. No immediate responses.

But, if you build it, they will come.

So, here are your reasons to stop what you’re doing and begin the process of attracting clients to your website and then to your office center.

  1. Use social media to understand what your clients need, specifically, then create this service. We started depositing checks for clients that are out of town and much more asked for this.
  2. Show your knowledge of the industry. I did an article on how to select the perfect office location and some prospects actually thanked me.
  3. Engage your prospects and clients by sharing their news and announcements. This can be reciprocal.
  4. Boost your SEO by blogging, which can draw in new prospects.

So consider this your reminder to get on your social media push for the month, hopefully justifying your time with a new customer or two!